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Technology and workflow

MediGuru recognizes telehealth to be an integral part of care delivery package in the future.  The question really is, how does an existing practice blend telehealth in their care service offerings?  We bring synergy between digital technology and clinical workflows, to provide the best of both virtual and in-person visits.

Customer experience and clinical workflows

One of our guiding principles is to provide the best experience for all stakeholders – patients, physicians, and care team.   We make the virtual visit resemble an in-person visit to a doctor office, plus more.

Virtual visits can be mixed into your practice in a number of ways.  A primary care facility may choose to use telehealth platform for triaging patients and helping them schedule an appointment with the right physician.  In addition, they can fill out intake forms, to record patient history, family history, etc and share with the care team.  Patient monitoring and continuity of care management for chronic conditions are made easy as well.

An urgent care center can use telehealth for follow-up care.  The patient can setup a virtual follow-up appointment to consult with the doctor, share his progress, exchange test results, even take a photo of his healing suture and share it with his provider. And be done.  No need to physically travel to the clinic, and the physician may cover follow-up visits from their home.  Think about it.  When the stakeholders get used to the convenience, the satisfaction scores and care outcomes shoots up, while the cost of care episodes go down.

A dermatologist may choose to use a virtual first strategy.  The patient enters a waiting room, where he takes a symptom checker assessment, and the results are shared with the doctor prior to the video call.  The doctor comes into the consultation room with the right context.   She’d consult with the patients via the telehealth platform from her home.  In-person follow ups are made only on need basis.  This reduces travel logistics and increase efficiency manyfold over time.  Eligibility checks and copays can be handled online as well.

It is only a matter of time, before most specialties adopt a form of telehealth into their practice.  We are here to help!


MediGuru platform blends the best of breed software to provide a simple user experience and to improve care outcome and patient satisfaction.  The platform is made up of functional modules stitched together.  These are composable modules that can be customized and built into clinical workflows, that best meets your needs.

As part of our roadmap, these functional modules continuously evolve over time, bringing you the latest technological benefits.  We constantly look at digital technologies available, such as AI, medical dictionary, speech translation, etc. and incorporate them as appropriate into the functional modules.

For example, our patented virtual scribe module will utilize medical AI to help review the video conversation transcripts, and aid physicians in their charting process.  This data can then be integrated with EMRs, as the system of record.  As a subsequent step, we plan to integrate any diagnosis terms with possible CPT codes, if that helps with eligibility and reimbursement.

We utilize industry leading vendors for certain functional modules.  The video conference module is powered by Dolby ®. They provide the best low-bandwidth latency performance, making it ideal to connect with truly rural patients.  As a next step, we will be integrating with Azure Communication services to enable language translation.  Wouldn’t it be convenient if the doctor is able to better understand patient speaking a foreign language?

The Care Dashboard is a one-stop solution to manage virtual care visits, not only across multiple physicians, but also across multiple clinics.  It provides a wholistic view of how patient appointments are managed, notification from patients if they need help, quick action buttons to notify patients, and much more.  These are essential utilities for operationalizing virtual visits.  Once you realize the benefits of digitizing your practice, there is no going back!

These are all built on a HIPAA compliant backbone.  Stringent encryption of data, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and access controls are key security tenets of the platform.  We are excited about the potential value we can add to existing practices, and to setup a partnership where you take care of clinical care and operations while we can provide the tools to bring it together!