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Purpose Built for Healthcare

A telemedicine solution that forms the fulcrum of
your virtual practice


Simple and Easy for Patients and Providers

Secure and HIPAA compliant solution that provides a life like
in person experience to virtual care


Advanced Clinical Workflows

Cloud-based workflows co-developed with healthcare systems to
simplify the care-team experience


Improve Care Outcomes

Healthcare innovation optimized for the provider experience and
drive care outcomes


MediGuru offers technology services to enable Hybrid Care solutions for Primary Care and Behavioral Health clinical workflows. We specialize in enhanced provider and patient experience (digital front door). We become your technology partner to setup multi-EMR integrated workflows and data solutions.

  • GenAI powered workflows
  • Primary Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • Health IT security – HIPAA compliance
  • Virtual Visits
  • Virtual Group Sessions
  • Customized Clinical Workflows
  • Care Dashboard
  • Treatment Plans
  • ADA compliant web and mobile UI
  • Scheduling
  • Specialist workflows
  • Patient/Provider portals
  • Health record data management
  • HL-7 to FHIR

Mediguru at a Glance

We are experts in providing enhanced provider and patient experience. We specialize in delivering last-mile delivery of Gen-AI powered solutions in Healthcare.


  • Primary Care
  • Specialist Workflows
  • Behavioral Health
  • Post-acute care

The apreehealth Implementation Journey

We are a software company offering a telemedicine solution. Our experience working with clients and understanding their business needs, allowed us to innovate on advanced clinical workflows that seamlessly integrates with their EMR and provides the same level of life like in person engagement to telemedicine. At the onset of COVID-19, we partnered and co-developed a customized solution for apreehealth that would make their virtual practice simple to use, easy to adopt and continue to drive care-team efficiency. The implementation was achieved in less than 10 weeks and was designed to set them up for a Virtual first practice.

Listen to a successful implementation for our client – apreehealth.

Case Study

Technology Enabled Healthcare

Our goal is to help digitize your practice and implement strategic solutions that form the cornerstone of your Hybrid Care delivery model. To prove to you that our solutions work and to de-risk the effort and commitment on your end, we launched a Jumpstart program. With no software commitment from you, at $0 cost to you, we can setup a sandbox environment where you can see how it comes together before making a final decision. Click the link below to enroll in our Jumpstart program.

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