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Reflections from the MediGuru Flight Deck. Sept’21

I’m relaxing here in Ixtapa (Mexico), kickstarting the weekend as part of a 2-week workcation. As I ponder over the weekend to prioritize the work week, it seemed the right time to reflect on the past couple of months and the tremendous progress we have had at MediGuru.

We hired Dr. Mark Kestner as the new Chief Innovation Officer, signed LOI and MSAs with multiple partners and customers, announced Kiran Modak as the new Vice President, strategizing and leading our partner and channel engagement, announced a PR partnership with Otter PR, launched a MediGuru video channel – the list goes on and on. These are all growth elements and integral to building to the success of a business. I’m super proud of this. But as an entrepreneur and technologist my energy and excitement comes from the raw innovation and the core differentiation that we are embarking on which will lead MediGuru to be a true differentiator in delivering virtual care.

Without revealing too many details, let me share an overview of what’s in the pipeline for MediGuru. I’m not going to start another conversation on how telehealth is here to stay. It really is and there are some serious conversations happening at an organizational and compliance level to ensure the success of it. Let the great minds that shape this technology and its use keep at it. My focus is more on what MediGuru could do to make this much more powerful and meaningful.

1.     MediGuru will have a marketplace. A Marketplace usually means – hundreds of solutions from ISVs/ Partners/ Resellers who work on a company’s platform and provide experiences. The MediGuru marketplace is different. It’s about like-minded companies showcasing their innovation to ensure your virtual care experience is seamless and provides a 360 experience that could be stood up in record time.

Some of the solutions you’ll see in our marketplace

(a)   Identify the patient who is signed up to take the virtual encounter

(b)   Integrate with devices which enable one-click access to instant/ on-demand care

(c)   Devices and healthcare kits that measure vitals to aid a virtual encounter

(d)   AI/ ML driven algorithms which provide RPO to 24*7 monitoring of patients and care

(e)   Integration with labs which provide their reports, etc.,

The list goes on and on. We expect to announce a multitude of partnerships in the coming weeks and months and please look for more updates from our MediGuru channel. 

2.     Virtual Care made meaningful. Our innovation is to ensure a successful virtual care outcome. This is defined by a smooth and easy experience for the patient and the care-team as well as removing the obstacles of administering the virtual encounter from the provider. Dr. Mark Kestner with a plethora of clinical experiences – keeps reminding us that when telehealth was implemented in mass, the systems just pushed the burden of administering the encounter to the physicians! Yes, they did! That’s not what the virtual encounter should be. Let the provider do their triaging. Let the virtual encounter be analogous to an in-person encounter. Let the technology fine tune itself to make this happen. This is our mission. This is what we have taken upon! We will innovate to build clinical friendly workflows that will assist and make this virtual encounter meaningful and remove all the administrative overhead.

What do we mean by this?

(a)   Have a measurable output from a MediGuru virtual encounter that can be billed.

(b)   A seamless experience enabling you to have a virtual session with a patient irrespective of their bandwidth and other technology challenges.

(c)   Have a virtual encounter with patients across multiple languages

(d)   A solution that allows you to record and track the care outcomes from any type of virtual encounter (video, audio, messaging)

(e)   Clinical workflows which enable customized scenarios around pediatrics, senior care, palliative care, hospice care, long term care, remote care, behavioral care, mental health, veterans’ health, advance primary care, coaching

(f)    Scenarios which enable implementing care for FQHCs, ACOs, Senior Centers, Assisted Living, Affordable remote care etc.,

3.     Community that works together: We want to listen to you, listen to your problems, work with you, partner with you and ultimately solve your business problem. I really believe we are on the cusp of a “technology disruption” to build solutions and workflows that works for common problems across the virtual care spectrum and can be made malleable for your needs; in a nutshell, we want to enable you. If you have a problem and you are tired of talking to the bigger players and are having a tough time customizing them for your needs, call us. You will be pleasantly surprised! We will make your virtual experience meaningful. Let’s make this happen! You will thank me later or even better; you will be on our MediGuru channel talking about your experience 😊

If you have thoughts or feedback on how we can become better in building a virtual care experience, would love to hear from you. I can be reached at and my senior leadership team is available at